Taking Action! Part 1 Art

  • Carving
  • Circus / Inuit Games
  • Film
  • Hip Hop
  • Photography
  • Theatre
  • Throat Singing
  • Visual Art

Why creating art to talk about HIV is a good idea

1. “Because it is fun,” – youth participant

Lots of people like to create art. Some youth are very good at it. It is important to build on youth strengths and talents. Art can be a way for youth who may not be great talkers or writers to express themselves. Art can help to draw shy people out of their shells. When talking about difficult subjects, like HIV, it can sometimes help to provide a range of ways for people to express themselves (like song, theatre, or painting).

2. “It is important to focus on the positive – the good things,” – youth participant

For some people, creating art can be healing and help them feel better. Studies have shown that doing art can improve people’s moods, help them feel better about themselves, speed up recovery, and control pain. Working on a group art project can also make people feel like they are an important part of a community. Research also tells us that art helps us remember what we learn.

3. “‘Cause lots of people look at art, especially Native people… because we have really unique art,” – youth participant

One of the best reasons to do art is to see all the amazing pieces that youth create! When they are given the right tools and support, the things that they can make are so impressive. Through the Taking Action! Project, this art can be shared and displayed. This means that more and more people become part of the “conversation” and we continue to spread the word!