Puvirnituq (POV), Quebec

We held our 6th and final Taking Action! workshop in Puvirnituq, Nunavik in October 2010. Puvirnituq is an Inuit community on the Povungnituk River in northern Quebec, Canada. Nunavik is Quebec’s arctic region. This immense territory, lies north of the 55th parallel and is bordered by Hudson Bay to the west, Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay to the north and Labrador to the east.

A big thanks to our Puvirnituq youth coordinators Talasia Audlak Tulugak and Winnie Ittukallak for all their hard work in making this workshop happen!

Winnie Ittukallak and Talasia Audlak Tuluga, our Puvirnituq Youth Coordinators

Winnie Ittukallak and Talasia Audlak Tulugak, our Puvirnituq Youth Coordinators